Jim Heal (English Teacher and Behaviour & Discipline SLE) describing the use of Harkness to develop Independent Learning


Mrs Rachel Carter

Mrs Rachel Carter

Head of Teaching School

Rachel heads the Teaching School team at Wellington College, working closely with staff in partner schools and Wellington College to create training and development opportunities for educationalists and devise ways to share best practice. Her work involves developing close alliances with strategic partners, such as the Wokingham Secondary Federation, local councils and University of Reading IOE, and working with fellow Teaching Schools in the region to build the programme and keep abreast of the latest changes in education. Rachel joined the team in 2013 and helped with the initial set-up of the alliance, consulting with the Department for Education to build the work of the alliance and ensure the brief of the Teaching School was fully met. She has helped to win grants for funding of projects, such as the Equality and Diversity Leadership Programme, and in consultation with key staff from the partnership, she has created a programme of professional learning for the Teaching School. Rachel’s previous job roles include School Business Manager, Corporate Fundraiser and Fund Manager.

Mr Iain Henderson

Deputy Head Educational Development & Partnerships

Iain has worked in both state and independent sectors. He has been a Head of Year and a Housemaster, an Assistant Head and is now Deputy Head at Wellington College with responsibility for Educational Developments and Partnerships. One of his main responsibilities has been to develop, embed and support a coaching culture across the whole school, and the Wellington family of schools, which includes state and independent schools in the UK and internationally. He would also like to bring this to the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership.

He has trained in coaching with CTI and Graydin, and has already successfully delivered coaching training to over 250 teachers. Coaching is much misunderstood and misrepresented in the UK and abroad: often it is seen as a manipulative way of leaders and managers getting staff to comply but pretending that they have ownership and choice by asking a few questions. This is not coaching! Sometimes mentoring (which is absolutely valuable in itself) is branded as coaching.

The real power of coaching is in:
• growing purpose, responsibility and autonomy in teachers and students alike
• connecting people with their inner motivation, what makes them who they are; their needs and values
• developing self-regulation and metacognition
• developing the ability to apply knowledge and understanding in new situations

Coaching is, however, only one way to help people, and is not always the best method. Part of the skill of bringing coaching into productive use in a school is knowing when, where and who, as well as how, to coach.

Mrs Katy Granville-Chapman

Mrs Katy Granville-Chapman

Deputy Head (Teaching Staff Performance & Development)

Katy is the Deputy Head (Teaching Staff Performance and Development) at Wellington College. Prior to this she founded and was the Director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. In this role, she advised No 10, the Cabinet Office and the DfE on leadership and character development, as well as setting up and delivering the Government's National Citizen Service (NCS) Leaders programme. Katy is a former Army Officer and served in Iraq, Nepal, North America and across Europe. She is a part time DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford, where she is research how school leaders can improve flourishing.

Mrs Helen Maberly

Teaching School Events Assistant

Helen joined the Teaching School team in April 2017 managing the Teaching School courses. Helen had over 20 years experience in managing events in the corporate sector before moving into education. She has worked on corporate vision and values, championed employee engagement and provided coaching and development for teams. Helen also has experience of School Governance across two local boroughs, clerking for a Multi Academy Trust and still clerks for a local Governing Body. Helen’s events experience, coupled with her communications and team development knowledge is a great asset to the team.

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