WCTSP News Update: July 2018


WCTSP News: July 2018

Teaching School Courses: Autumn 2017


A Level Maths SKE - Twilight Sessions


Wednesday 7 June 2017  1600-1900: Mechanics: Forces and Newton's Laws

Wednesday 14 June 2017 1600-1900 Mechanics: Graphs and constant acceleration

These sessions are aimed at Maths teachers – existing A Level Maths teachers looking   for new ideas and alternative approaches, and those new or aspiring to   teaching A Level Maths

Mechanics: Forces and Newton's Laws - What is a force? How can we   help students understand the concept? What makes for a good force diagram and   how does mechanical analysis help us solve problems? In exploring these key   questions, you will work through a series of problems designed to build   students' conceptual understanding and help them see how Newton's Laws   describe motion and acceleration

Graphs and constant acceleration - Understanding the relationship   between position and time is key to understanding mechanics. By exploring a   series of graphical problems, students can derive the constant acceleration   formulae and learn when to apply them, in addition to seeing when it is   easier simply to consider a graphical solution.

These will be led and delivered by the Head of Maths at Wellington   College. They can be taken as stand-alone units or as a pair where a   discounted rate is given if booking onto both courses.

These courses are designed to provide teaching ideas which aim to enhance   pupils' understanding of the topics and develop their problem-solving skills.   This in turn should help them access A and A* grades. The Wellington College   Maths department has crafted their own bespoke course books and materials for   teaching A-Level Maths. These resources have been based on evidence and   research of teaching Maths, from both the UK and the United States. Materials   will be made available to course participants during the courses.


Advanced Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


Join us on 12 June for our next course on Advanced Emotionally Intelligent Leadership where you can learn more about developing flourishing teams, the neuroscience behind this and why this matters to leaders. The course will also consider engagement and motivation, the power of positive relationships and dealing with conflict. 

For more information and to book your place click HERE

100% of past participants rated this course as 'excellent' with comments such as:

It was such a good course! The description of what a flourishing school is, what our values are and the findings of research and comparison with scientific research were the most enjoyable aspects.


Restorative Practices in Schools - 6th March 2017


WCTSP Equality and Diversity 'Leading for Impact' Programme


We are pleased to be participating in this government initiative to improve the equality and diversity in school leadership. Our programme looks to address the nationally, and locally identified need to train and support women, and staff from BME groups, to progress into middle and senior leadership roles.

Our new programme started with an introductory event on 12 December 2016, including the first of our support network groups. Being a part of this NCTL project has meant we are able to provide free leadership training, coaching sessions and a support group to 13 teachers from our partner schools. Our aspiration is that the programme helps participants develop their confidence, skills and knowledge to become an effective leader, empowered to develop flourishing teams.

Each participant works towards the Certificate qualification of the Wellington 'Leading for Impact' programme, which is quality assured by the Department for Education at the University of Oxford. In this programme, partcipants sign up to a set of courses tailored to their individual needs. By completing the qualification, they will be eligible for membership of the Chartered Management Institute and we hope that they will be applying for the next step in their leadership career ambitions.


David Didau talk, 9 January 2017


David Didau visited Wellington College on Monday 9 January, to speak to teachers about his latest findings on marking and feedback. Our teaching school partners were invited to attend a free twilight session with David, where he gave a thought provoking talk, considering "What if everything you knew about feedback was wrong". Questions were raised, and considerations given, as to what makes effective feedback, and what is the difference between marking and feedback? What we know is that the power of feedback can be both positive and negative, and how you give feedback is crucially important. To read more from David Didau you can follow his blog here:

Happy New Year


Happy Christmas from everyone at WCTSP


Spring & Summer 2017 Courses


A Level Maths SKE - 2017 sessions


Fully Funded Places on Leadership Equality and Diversity Programme


We are pleased to have been awarded funding from the National College for Teaching and Leadership which enables us to offer school staff an opportunity to apply for 12 fully funded places on our Leadership Equality and Diversity Programme. We welcome applications from any staff who fit the following criteria:

• Female and/or Black and Minority Ethnic (BME).
• Someone who has the aspiration and potential for promotion to a leadership position within the next 6 to 18 months.
• Someone aspiring to middle or senior leadership.
• A member of staff from a state maintained school.
We will also consider applications from the Equality Act protected characteristics of LGBT.

Please email if you would like more information and an application form. The deadline for applications is 9 November 2016.

This funding is part of a ministerial priority to improve equality and diversity in school leadership. Both nationally and locally there is an identified need to train and support women and staff from BME groups to progress into leadership roles. We are looking for those who aspire to middle leadership roles such as Head of Year/ Department as well as to the more senior leadership roles.

The reason for this programme is that while over 75% of teaching staff in our local area are female, only 38% go on to become Headteachers, and only half of Deputies and Assistant Heads are women. Similarly, while 16% of our local school staff are from a BME group, there is no representation at Headteacher level and these groups are underrepresented in Deputy and Assistant Head roles. (Source: Department for Education: School Workforce in England: November 2015)

The programme consists of:

• Three or four days training via the Wellington Leaders in Education: 'Leading for Impact' courses,
• Teaching cover reimbursements for participation on these courses,
• Support and network sessions,
• Two x 1/2 hours of coaching,
• One assignment - approx. 10-20 hours participants own time,
• CMI accreditation on completion of the Certificate qualification of the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme: 'Leading for Impact'.

The Leadership Equality and Diversity Programme will run between November 2016 and July 2017. Its aim is to provide participants with a portfolio of knowledge and skills to help them successfully apply for leadership positions during or towards the end of this programme.


A-Level Maths SKE - Calculus & Trigonometry


Pupil Premium (Behaviour & Attendance) - Ideas Exchange


English: The Changing GCSE syllabus and pupil skillset


History - Remembering Srebrenica


Two courageous survivors of the 1990s Bosnian conflict, Resad Trbonja and Nedzad Avdic, last night retold their accounts of the atrocities of the siege of Sarajevo (1992 – 1995) and the genocide in Srebrenica (1995). Their message was clear, that all must be done to promote an understanding of the causes of such events so that we can learn from them and help prevent future atrocities of this nature. This was all set in the context of teaching about modern genocide and identifying the conditions that led to the events of this conflict.

The charity 'Remembering Srebrenica' aims to raise awareness of the events that took place in the Bosnian conflict so that these are remembered, reflected upon and passed on through education and other means. Despite all that the survivors went through, they wish to spread a message of kindness, tolerance and cohesion and to not allow hatred, intolerance and discrimination to persist.

Pupils from our Teaching School and ISSP partners will be attending a further session on Wednesday to hear from the two survivors and examine both the conflict, and the conditions that lead to genocide.

To find out more from the charity, please visit their website Remembering Srebrenica.

History Extension Teaching Genocide: Lessons from Srebrenica


Welcome Back


Start the new school year on a positive note by booking onto one of our professional learning courses.

WCTSP Courses Page

We hope to see you there. Have a great Autumn term.


Positive feedback from CPD Ideas Exchange


On Tuesday we held our first WCTSP CPD Ideas Exchange, and what a great session it was.

Delegates seemed to take away what they needed and more and the feedback speaks for itself.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Tuesday's Ideas Exchange.  My two colleagues were "buzzing" as well and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  It really was good."

"A very passionate and positive session full of creative energy."

"The format worked well - valuable discussion."

"Will definitely go back with some ideas to discuss with SLT regarding CPD."

"An excellent learning forum."

Keep watching the website for more Ideas Exchange session.


CPD - Ideas Exchange - Come and join the discussion


Are you a CPD or Professional Learning Lead?

Would you like to join a discussion with other colleagues to exchange ideas and share best practice?

Come and join the CPD - Ideas Exchange on the 24th May at Wellington College. Click HERE for further information.

Extended Project Qualification - Ideas Exchange


Last week WCTSP hosted an Extended Project Qualification Ideas Exchange, led by Robin Drummond from Wellington College.

There was a great turn out with the opportunity for colleagues to discuss the following:

  • Share experience of delivering/co-ordinating an EPQ programme
  • Explore different approaches to running an EPQ programme
  • Ask questions/receive answers from others in the same role

The feedback from the afternoon was extremelly positive with delegates going away with "Ideas and resources that others use to take back to my school" and a "a really good opportunity to share". "Thank you for a really good afternoon".

Thank you to Robin for facilitating the session and to all who attended.

New Course - New or Aspiring Heads of Department


Wellington Leadership Programme - Summer Courses 2016



2016 Summer Term Courses


Are you working towards your Leadership Certificate or Diploma?


Are you working towards your Leadership Certificate or Diploma?

Mindfulness for Leaders is an elective course​ taking place on the 14th March. Click here to book your place or see further information below.

For all other courses click here.


Why is Wellington bringing Exeter Math Institute to the UK for the second time?


Following on from the success of last years Exeter Maths Institute CPD course, we are happy to announce that we are running a second course in the summer term. Along side the Phillips Exeter Academy the course will take place from the 4th - 7th July 2016.

Aidan Sproat (Head of Mathematics, Wellington College), explains the reason why we have asked them to return this summer. Read Aidan's blog here.

For further information, please see the flyer below or go to our booking page.


New Effective Pastoral Care in Schools course


Sign up now for the new Effective Pastoral Care Course (21st March 2016) being led by Jess and Mike Goves, with guest speaker Ian Morris.

Register here or see the flyer below for further information.


Harkness Teaching and UK Education


Read Head of VI Form and leading Harkness practitioner Dr Guy Williams blog on a US-developed pedagogy which is growing in use over here. Read his blog here.

Guy is also working along side the Lawrenceville School, USA, to bring you the Humanities & Social Sciences CPD course in July, which will focus on Harkness teaching.

This is a unique opportunity to experience Harkness learning – the distinctive pedagogy favoured by leading schools in the US – led by an eminent and experienced practitioner from one of the world's top schools: Pier Kooistra (The Lawrenceville School, USA). For further information on this new 3 day course, see the flyer below or go to our courses page.


Humanities & Social Sciences CPD course - 4th - 6th July 2016


This is a unique opportunity to experience Harkness learning – the distinctive pedagogy favoured by leading schools in the US – led by an eminent and experienced practitioner from one of the world's top schools: Pier Kooistra (The Lawrenceville School, USA).

For further information on this new 3 day course, see the flyer below or go to our courses page.


Maths CPD with the Exeter Mathematics Institute


Following on from the success of last years Exeter Maths Institute CPD course, we are happy to announce that we are running a second course in the summer term. Along side the Phillips Exeter Academy the course will take place from the 4th - 7th July 2016

The feedback after the 4 day event was extremely positive and colleagues felt enthused at being able to take away practical teaching approaches involving the Harkness method.

For further information, please see the flyer below or go to our booking page.


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - 4th February


There is just over a week until the next Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course run by Katy Granville-Chapman.

Don't miss out on a space, BOOK NOW!

Previous feedback:

"Great Atmosphere created by course leader and course attendants."

"I enjoyed discussing situations with other teachers from other schools."


BOOK NOW - Linear Latin & Greek course


Led by Dr Rob Cromarty (Wellington College), and looking at set texts for the new Latin & Greek A-Level syllabus - for the first examination June 2018.

For further information and to book, click here.


Wishing you all a very...


BOOK NOW History GCSE/A-Level top end extension course


Are you a GCSE or A-Level History teacher? Come and join us in March for an afterrnoon focusing on top end extension to stretch and challenge the more able pupils.

For more information or to book, go to our courses page.


BOOK NOW Engaging with Research & Evidence in Schools


Are you interested in Engaging with Research and Evidence in Schools?

Wellington College Teaching School is working in partnership with the UCL Institute of Education to bring you this brand new 3 part course starting in the spring term.

We feel this programme will give those who attend a greater understanding of developing and embedding an evidence-informed approach into their school practice.

For further information on the course content and booking instructions, please see the flyer attached.

Or visit our courses page on our website.


BOOK NOW for Character development in the Spring term


WCTSP presents an afternoon of Character Development training.

Go to for more information.


Feedback from Leadership Vision & Strategy course


The last WCTSP Leadership course of 2015 took place on Monday, and had rave reviews.

Developing a Leadership Vision & Strategy (run by Wellington's Leadership Director Katy Granville-Chapman), was a practical session aiming to give senior leaders and those aspiring to senior leadership positions both the time to reflect and the tools to create and deliver their vision and strategy. There was also the opportunity to discuss leadership issues that are of particular interest to those attending.

"It really was spot on!"

"Great balance between discussion, collaborative activity and personal work."

"Gave time to reflect on own vision and how to deliver it within the specific environment."

"Enjoyed the prioritising of strategies and how to empower people."

For more information on the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme click here.

For future Wellington College Teaching School courses visit our courses page.


Feedback from Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course


In the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course teachers from a range of schools came together to discuss the latest research from neuroscience, psychology and philosophy to learn more about how understanding people can help us to lead more effectively. 

It was an exciting and lively day with participants drawing from many years of experience to help each other to solve complex leadership issues they were facing and to move forward really positively in their organisations.

"Tailored to what the participants wanted to learn, which was impressive."

"Great atmosphere created by course leader."

For further information on our Leadership Programme click here.

Along with a number of other courses, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership will be run again in the spring term. For further details see our courses page.


Developing a Leadership Vision & Strategy


Whether lookings at building a stronger team or working towards a promotion, the Developing a Leadership Vision & Strategy course is a must!

The feedback speaks for itself.


Are you interested in developing as a leader?


In conjunction with the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme, WCTSP are offering a number of popular courses this term.

Whether you are working towards a certificate or diploma in leadership or just interested in a particular area, these courses are not to be missed.

For futher information on the Leadership Programme visit our Leadership Page.

To book onto one the the courses below, go to the Courses Page.

We hope to see you there.


Geography using GIS


Are you a geographer interested in using GIS?

WCTSP are offering a course designed to enhance your understanding of the programme. Click here to book, read on for further details.


Effective CPD in Schools


Our Teaching School partnership ran an inspirational ‘Effective CPD’ course sharing 18 years of teaching experience from the course leader, Paul Blake, Vice Principal of The Wellington Academy.  The key messages given centred on the importance of excellent CPD, or professional learning, to shape improved teaching practice. This is arguably more important than ever in times of squeezed school budgets. Delegates were taken through the five strategic steps required to establish a high impact CPD programme which both inspires and informs staff in their schools. This should be angled to benefit all educational staff and which can be evidenced as feeding into good classroom practice.

We were lucky to hear from the motivational David Weston of the Teacher Development Trust and advisor to the government. He passed on some recent research findings and practical applications on how to run CPD that makes a difference (and what doesn’t). He also reflected on some of the findings from the recent paper ‘Developing Great Teaching’ which explores the lessons from an international review into effective professional learning.

Four CPD leads from of our partner schools also shared their experiences and CPD programmes. The aim here was to provide some practical and interesting ideas that could be passed onto our delegates. These included presentations from the Holt, Waingels College, Winston Churchill School and The Wellington Academy.

It turned out to be a highly informative session and the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership would like to thank all those who took part either as participants or in delivering valuable presentations.

The follow-on courses are bookable via our website and are taking place on 3 December (4:30pm – 7pm) and 10 March (4:30pm – 9pm).


What's On




The Wellington Teaching School Partnership take seriously how their students treat themselves and each other online and how the online responsibilities not only affects them today but will impact their future.

Former police detective and lecturer at the University of Kent Centre for Child Protection, Teresa Hughes (Girling Hughes Associates) brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to this course which touches on the why’s and how’s of this sensitive subject.

Sign up for one, two or all three sessions and you will come away with a greater understanding of online safety and how it affects you, your colleagues and most importantly your students.

15th October 2015

Online Safety Introduction: Understanding child sexual abuse behaviour both online and offline

12 November 2015

Online Safety Part 1: Facts & stats

25th February 2016

Online Safety Part 2: Online reputation and personal branding


What's On


September already!

Have you thought about your CPD? WCTSP are running a 3 part Effective Professional Learning course, starting on the 6th October 2015.

For further details, go to our courses page.


A course to provide you with the tools to plan, implement and review the impact of your professional learning (PL) programme.


To review the progress made so far with the planning and implementation of the professional learning action plans.


To deliver a presentation on the impact of the professional learning developments on your school.


The Term Ahead


Welcome to the start of the new academic year! An exciting year lies ahead for the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership. I would like to send out a particularly special welcome to all new members of staff at our Partner schools. I’m sure there will be some nervous moments but I am sure that you will thrive with the support provided by the staff at your respective schools. Good luck to all!

The purpose of this email is to very briefly update you on the forthcoming activities of the WCTSP. Before I do that, however, I would like to re-share the Purpose of the Partnership.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership (WCTSP) is to bring schools and strategic partners together in a collaboration that is uniquely school-led and which focuses upon the needs of educators in our partner schools. Our activities are guided by the ‘Big 6’ framework provided by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

They are:

1.Support the development of a school-led ITT system.

2.Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (CPD).

3.Provide Leadership development opportunities.

4.Provide school to school support to other schools.

5.Designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs).

6.Engage in research and development activities.

One of our central objectives is to provide a continuum of professional development for staff with the sole objective of improving the educational attainment of pupils in all partnership schools.

Our vision is to embed within the schools we work with a strong culture of aspiration and learning, and the sharing of best practice. The development of an evidence-based approach to practice is central to this, which then feeds back into the professional development of all staff involved.

There are numerous activities coming up and our first Professional Learning courses are fast approaching. All information about courses can be found HERE.

Have a great year!

John Kinniburgh

Director of Teaching Schools

Key Dates & Events - Autumn 2015


The autumn term events are open for registration. 

Click here to see the key dates and events for the autumn term.

Common INSET day conferences


Over 20 professional learning conferences were held across the Wellington College Teaching  School Partnership on Monday 23 February. Staff from partnership schools as well as those outside of the alliance were welcome to attend and engage in the sessions of their choice ranging from Music and SEN to the core curriculum subjects. Speakers from the various exam boards were invited to share their knowledge and staff from the partnership assisted in creating  thought provoking and informative sessions. Thank you to all who led the conferences, to the speakers and especially to the organisers from the Wokingham Secondary and Surrey Heath Federations.

Course photographs


23 February 2015 Common Inset Day Conferences - Book Now


Wokingham & Surrey Heath Schools, together with Wellington College, are holding a range of conferences on a common INSET day: Monday, 23 February 2015. There are over 20 courses covering a whole range of subjects from the core curriculum topics to Music, Art and Network Managers. For more details on the Wokingham Secondary Federation conferences please take a look at the information booklet which can be downloaded from the following page:

To guaranteed a place please book by 24 January 2015. Please contact  for the Wokingham Federation Conferences and  for the Surrey Heath Federation conferences. There is a charge of £50 for delegates who are not from the relevant Federation.

Exciting Maths CPD with the Exeter Mathematics Institute


We are very excited to be offering  for the first time, a four day, groundbreaking  Maths course from 29 June 2015. This will be led by the highly acclaimed Exeter Mathematics Institute (EMI), from the USA, who are known for their 'Harkness' independent learning style,. This will be intensive, hands-on, onsite professional development program for secondary school mathematics teachers.  For further details please visit the 'Courses on Offer' section of our website. We are looking  to confirm the numbers attending by 15 January 2015 (this date has been extended) so that we can request the correct number of instructors to run the course. Please book your place by 15 January 2015.

The Wellington College Teaching School Partners