Restorative Practices: Adopting a Restorative Educational Style

Date & Time: Tuesday 20 March 2018
10:00 - 15:00
Event Type: Full Day
Event Format: Workshop
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: WCTSP Members £148
Non Members £185
Refreshments and lunch included
Event Focus Categories: Leadership
Leading in Education
Event Subject or Topic Area: Adopting a restorative approach in your educational practice
Target Audience: All educationalists including teachers, learning / behaviour support assistants, pastoral teams
Event Description:

Shifting from punishment to partnership and conflict to contribution. If you've heard about restorative practices or been asked to take a more restorative approach, this training will introduce you to Restorative Practices.

In this workshop, Maria will demonstrate how restorative thinking and practices replaces punishment and rewards to get results.

This is a powerful tool for schools in terms of managing behaviour and low-level disruption, but also looks at ways to strengthens community cohesion. It will consider how to live and learn in harmony in your learning space.

The day will include practical suggestions and scenarios and give participants a chance to consider how to introduce restorative techniques into their educational practice.

Event Outcomes:
  • Discover how to make the transition from traditional to restorative teaching practice
  • Understand how a restorative approach works day to day
  • Practical examples for dealing with low level disruption
  • Self-reflection and mindfulness as part of the restorative toolkit

Learning Objectives:

  • The steps in transitioning to restorative practice as a teacher
  • Techniques for managing conflict and low level disruption
  • Imparting restorative practice to the class

Course Leader 1: Maria Arpa (Chief Executive of the Centre for Peaceful Solutions)
Maria founded the Centre for Peaceful Solutions, a charity which specialises in nonviolent communication, mediation, restorative justice and conflict resolution. Maria is regarded as one of the UK’s top mediators and her experiences range from corporate business deals gone wrong to street gang threat to life and everything in between.
Maria has worked in schools since 2001 including the private sector and urban schools with gang issues in the UK and New York. Working with the KS4 PRU in Brent led to her becoming Chair of the Management Committee where she and the Head teacher transformed the PRU into a restorative school.
Wellington College has worked with the Centre for Peaceful Solutions since 2013 introducing the Dialogue Road Map into staff and student communication.
No of Participants: 20
Event Prerequisites: None
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
Wellington College