Pastoral Leadership

Date & Time: Wednesday 6 December 2017
13:30 - 18:00
Event Type: Workshop
Event Format: Full day
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: WCTSP School: £120
Non-WCTSP School: £150
(includes lunch & refreshments)
Event Focus Categories: Leadership
Leading in Education
Event Subject or Topic Area: Pastoral
Target Audience: Pastoral Leaders and those aspiring to Pastoral Leadership
Event Description:

Effective pastoral care in schools is central to the ethos and tone of the whole school. It is essential if students are to feel secure, know they are valued as individuals and feel encouraged to develop and learn in a healthy and safe environment. At the core of effective pastoral care are the positive relationships that exist between the student, teacher and pastoral leader.

In the first part of  the course, delegates will look at the reasons for going into pastoral leadership, the challenges that may be faced and give delegates the opportunity to assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Opportunity will also be given to share good practice and collaborate with other delegates about how certain issues might be tackled.

Event Outcomes:


  • to raise awareness of key issues of importance to participants in pastoral leadership
  • to increase confidence and competence in dealing with pastoral challenges
  • to provide opportunities to share experience and good practice with colleagues
  • to encourage reflection and critical evaluation of pastoral leadership practices and professional issues
  • to give an opportunity to look at individual career plans and delegates' own strengths and weaknesses
Course Leader 1: Delyth Lynch (Deputy Head - Pastoral and Wellbeing, Wellington College, 2010 - 2016)
With 20 years of pastoral experience in schools, Delyth has been an assistant housemistress and housemistress in both boys and girls houses. She was responsible for setting up the first junior girls house at Wellington College when it went co-educational in 2007 and then went on to be Deputy Head Pastoral for 6 years. She is a boarding team inspector for ISI and is a course tutor for the Boarding Schools’ Association where she also talks regularly about pastoral care in boarding schools. She is a Governor at Holme Grange School, and has specific responsibility for safeguarding. In her spare time she is a keen triathlete and runs the running club at Wellington College.
Course Leader 2: Louise Fletcher (Assistant Head - Pastoral, Edgbarrow School)
Course Leader 3: Railton Blyth (Assistant Head - Pastoral, St Crispin's)
No of Participants: 18
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
Wellington College