Global Citizenship

Date & Time: Monday 12 March 2018
16:30 - 18:30
Event Type: Twilight
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: £15pp
Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Teaching and Learning
Event Subject or Topic Area: Global Citizenship in Secondary School
Target Audience: All Teachers and Middle and Senior Leaders
Event Description:

During the event you will gain a greater understanding of what global citizenship involves and what it could look like in your school, learn about the different awards, frameworks and support organisations available and come away with some practical tips and resources to help you promote global learning in your school.

In this course, Charlotte Wood will outline some tried and tested examples of Global Citizenship at The Holt and provide a carousel of activities with ideas and materials to take away.

Learn about what makes Global Citizenship so important in education and how the benefits of teaching it can be felt across the school. As Oxfam explains, Global Citizenship helps young people to:

  • Build their own understanding of world events.
  • Think about their values and what's important to them.
  • Take learning into the real world.
  • Challenge ignorance and intolerance.
  • Get involved in their local, national and global communities.
  • Develop an argument and voice their opinions.
  • See that they have power to act and influence the world around them.

What's more, global citizenship inspires and informs teachers and parents, too. But above all, it shows young people that they have a voice. The world may be changing fast, but they can make a positive difference - and help build a fairer, safer and more secure world for everyone.

Event Outcomes:
  • Gain a greater understanding of what global citizenship involves
  • Learn about the different awards, facilitating frameworks and support organisations
  • Have some ideas to take back to your school and put into place straight away

Course Leader 1: Charlotte Wood (Global Citizenship Coordintaor)
Charlotte has taught languages at The Holt School since 1999 and has been involved in promoting international links and global learning since then. As Global Citizenship coordinator, she has worked to raise the profile of global issues with staff and students, through curricular and extra curricular activities, such as exchange programmes, Comenius projects, cross curricular days and afternoons. Global learning is covered through schemes of work, assemblies and our Thought for the Week programme as well as annual events around Fair Trade, the Commonwealth, European Week of Language, Chinese visitors amongst others. The Holt has been awarded the British Council Gold International School Award four times since she has taken on this role, and was recently one of 400 expert centres for the Global Learning Programme.
No of Participants: 35
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