Geography TeachMeet

Date & Time: Wednesday 10 October 2018
16:30 - 18:30
Event Type: Workshop
Event Format: Twilight
Venue: Edgbarrow School
Grant Road
RG45 7HZ
Event Cost: FREE
Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Event Subject or Topic Area: Geography
Target Audience: Geography Teachers and Heads of Department
Event Description:

The teach meet is a chance for teachers of GCSE and A level Geography to get together and discuss the "WWWs" and the "EBIs" after a full run through of the new specifications. The session will be a mix of both presentations from volunteers who would like to share some of their ideas as well as breakout sessions to discuss with other Geography teachers the lessons they have learned these past two years when teaching GCSE and A level Geography.

Event Outcomes:

Teachers will hopefully be able to walk away with at   least one "golden Nugget" of an idea that they can implement in to their   department. This could come from the watching of presentations or from   discussion with other teachers. It will also be a rare opportunity for   geography teachers to have time to network and set up links with other   schools, which would be encouraged through the different sessions.

Course Leader 1: John Russell-Smith (Head of Geography)
John is Head of Geography at Edgbarrow School as well as being a member of the PiXL Geography executive group. John is also an examiner for AQA at A level and has been an examiner with EDEXCEL and WJEC at GCSE in the past.
He is a firm believer that if students are having fun and enjoying their geography lessons then learning and teaching comes easily to all. He also teaches his students that Geography IS Everything! John currently teaches the AQA specifications at GCSE.
No of Participants: 30
Event Prerequisites: none
SPONSOR/PARTNER Edgbarrow School
Edgbarrow School