English at GCSE: Maximising Engagement in the Classroom

Date & Time: Monday 22 January 2018
16:30 - 18:30
Event Type: Twilight
Event Format: Workshop
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: WCTSP members: £36
Non Members £45

Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Event Subject or Topic Area: English
Target Audience: English Teachers
Event Description:

This course will consider theories and evidence of ways to guide students to independence. It will explore effective use of language and scaffolding techniques to encourage pupil engagement.  This session draws from practices used by Doug Lemov, and those cited in 'Bridging the Gap' by Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson. 

All strategies are small, immediate changes that teachers can make in their classroom to encourage all pupils to attempt more challenging tasks – in particular, unseen Language passages or Literature Extracts.  This course stresses the difference between knowledge and understanding to encourage practitioners to consider the way revision tasks are set up in their curriculums for the greatest results and impact.    It also provides a new way of considering Feedback: one presented by Sarah at the Festival of Education (2017) and the National ResearchED Conference (2017).

Application and development time will be given so that participants can reflect on how to incorporate techniques into their practice/lessons.

Event Outcomes:

The course aims to explore how classroom learning has changed with the new GCSE; provide an understanding of contemporary research in accordance with the changing curriculum and train teachers in strategies that maximise the effect of learning in (and beyond) the English classroom

Attendees will learn:

- To understand contemporary educational research

- To explore how classroom learning has changed with the new GCSE

- Effective teaching strategies to implement into the English Classroom

- A variety of ways to enhance pupil confidence and encourage inquisitive learners

- To maximise the effect/s of learning in (and beyond) the English Classroom

Course Leader 1: Sarah Donarski (English Teacher)
Sarah was educated in Australia where she initially completed her Diploma of Education post B.A. Arts (English/Philosophy). She moved to the UK in 2013 and completed a PGCE alongside teaching full time to further understand new pedagogies and the career in the UK. Having a perspective of two different education systems, as well as experience in Academy Schools, State Schools and now at Wellington College, she pulls together her experience to put forward what she believes to be the core of a good teacher: one that facilitates and inspires but does not burn out educational passion in young people for ‘academic results’ gain.

Sarah has led many educational talks across the country including Wellington’s Festival of Education, numerous ResearchED conferences. Her practices have been cited in Andy Tharby’s ‘Making Every English Lesson Count’ and Harry Fletcher-Wood’s new book on feedback. She has also worked closely on a case study on pupil tenacity and completed a chapter on the ways that Wellington College promotes independence for Bill Lucas. Finally, Sarah regularly works alongside Carl Hendrick at teaching drop-in sessions and trains new academic staff at Wellington College.
No of Participants: 20
Event Prerequisites: N/A
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
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