English TeachMeet

Event Type: Workshop
Event Format: Twilight
Venue: Waingels College
Waingels Road
Berks RG5 4RF
(Red Zone 35-37)
Event Cost: FREE
Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Event Subject or Topic Area: English
Target Audience: English Teachers
Event Description:

Subject focus: Consolidating our understanding

Following our first 'round through' of the new specifications at GCSE and A level, we are now in a position to consolidate our understanding, reflect on what we have done well and to formulate ideas on how to move forward. This will be an opportunity to share our ideas about best practice at all key stages and to prepare for and deliver these new courses.

TeachMeets are a great way for local educationalists to meet, discuss ideas and share best practice. They aim to engage and inspire fellow colleagues. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, a teaching resource they love, a great website, a classroom activity - whatever you like! We would like people to come with ideas to share through an informal talk from 2 to 5 minutes, either individually or as a group. No idea or example is too small. Please email Charlotte your idea / resource you would like to share to : BisCBS@waingels.wokingham.sch.uk

Event Outcomes:

 -     Provide a welcoming location for networking between English teachers

-      Share and discuss new ideas and developments for the teaching of English

-      Reflect on, together, the lessons we can learn from the first round of the new specifications

-      Share practical ideas and resources that we can all take away and use to facilitate the progress of our students.

Course Leader 1: Charlotte Bishop (Head of English - Waingels College)
Charlotte graduated from the University of Warwick. She taught at two local schools as first Key Stage 3 then Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator, before joining Waingels. Charlotte is keen to work with teachers from a range of different schools alongside her own department to develop the best practice for teaching and learning, as well as inspiring a love of literature in the students we teach. She is keen to take on new, creative ideas, and is a keen participant in Twitter (@bish_bosh_bish), where brilliant ideas can be found.
No of Participants: 50
Event Prerequisites: none