Teaching School Courses: Autumn 2017


David Didau talk, 9 January 2017


David Didau visited Wellington College on Monday 9 January, to speak to teachers about his latest findings on marking and feedback. Our teaching school partners were invited to attend a free twilight session with David, where he gave a thought provoking talk, considering "What if everything you knew about feedback was wrong". Questions were raised, and considerations given, as to what makes effective feedback, and what is the difference between marking and feedback? What we know is that the power of feedback can be both positive and negative, and how you give feedback is crucially important. To read more from David Didau you can follow his blog here:

Happy New Year


Happy Christmas from everyone at WCTSP


Independent Learning blog WEEK 6: Why Implement Harkness Teaching?


Independent Learning week 6: Why Implement Harkness Teaching?

Independent learning blog WEEK 4: Marking & Feedback


Independent Learning bulletin week 4: Marking and Feedback

Independent Learning blog WEEK 3: 'Desirable Difficulties' part 2


Week 3: 'Desirable Difficulties' part 2

Independent Learning blog WEEK 2: 'Desirable Difficulties' part 1


Week 2: 'Desirable Difficulties' part 1

Independent Learning blog WEEK 1: What is Independent Learning?


Week 1: What is Independent Learning?

Why is Wellington bringing Exeter Math Institute to the UK for the second time?


Following on from the success of last years Exeter Maths Institute CPD course, we are happy to announce that we are running a second course in the summer term. Along side the Phillips Exeter Academy the course will take place from the 4th - 7th July 2016.

Aidan Sproat (Head of Mathematics, Wellington College), explains the reason why we have asked them to return this summer. Read Aidan's blog here.

For further information, please see the flyer below or go to our booking page.


Pilot study: Growth Mindset


Read the latest pilot study on Growth Mindset, and see how research can benefit you and your school.

For further information on the latest 3 part Research course starting in March, click here.

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Growth Mindset and Helpfulness


Guest post by Dr. Christina Hinton, Catherine Glennon, and Abeer Alam - Harvard GSE faculty

Does a student's beliefs about intelligence impact his or her classmates' learning as well? Researchers from Harvard Graduate School of Education partnered with the Wellington Learning and Research Centre to explore the relationship between students' mindsets and their attitudes towards helping classmates. Researchers collected data from 2,627 students in year groups 7 – 13 in a diverse network of UK schools, including The Bulmershe School, St. Crispin's, and Waingels College, and Wellington College. These students took an online survey that was designed to measure their mindsets as well as their attitudes towards helping their peers.

Results reveal that students with a growth mindset are more inclined to help their classmates with academic work and beyond. There is a statistically significant positive correlation between growth mindset and helpfulness. Moreover, growth-minded students are more likely to respond that they care deeply about their peers, would go out of their way to help them, and genuinely enjoy helping others. These intriguing results suggest that if students believe intelligence can change with time and effort, they are more likely to find it worthwhile to invest time and effort in helping others improve. As one growth-minded student explained, "Helping another student contributes to improving their intelligence." With this, we see that a growth mindset not only benefits those students who have it – but also supports other students to succeed.

Research Partnership with Harvard Faculty of Education


This Wednesday is the formal launch of Wellington College's research partnership with Harvard Faculty of Education. The project seeks to explore the broader topic of independent learning and at this event, Carl Hendrick (Head of Learning and Research) will introduce the project to Wellington College staff and partner schools along with the recently appointed Head of Professional Learning.

We are delighted that three schools from our Partnership will be involved - Waingels, Bulmershe and St. Crispins. As the project develops all research findings will be distributed to the Partnership.

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