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All teacher training positions are listed on the UCAS website

The Wellington College Teaching School Partnership (WCTSP) is supported in the provision of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) by its partners via School Direct, the school-led route into teaching .

111 teachers have been trained In the first three years of schools offering School Direct.

School Direct: the school-based route into teaching

If you are looking for a career in teaching and you have a degree you can apply for one of our School Direct places. These positions are a great way to have your training supported by experienced teachers as you will be placed directly with one of our schools. Success in your training may help you find a job in one of our partner schools as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT).

These programmes are generally full-time (in line with the school term dates) and last for one year. For a large part of the year you will be placed with your main school, and as with the traditional university based route into teaching , the training includes lectures, tutorials and seminars with one of our accredited universities: either the University of Reading , University of Oxford or the Open University depending on the subject you are applying for. A second placement in another school within the partnership group of schools (that you are recruited by) will take place later in the year.

All courses lead to a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) recommendation and many also lead to a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) qualification. There are two School Direct training options:

1. School Direct Training Programme (fee based)

  • The majority of our positions fall into this category.
  • These places are for high-quality graduates who would like to train to be a teacher in one of our schools.
  • Although placed in a school, they are not your employers - you are still gaining a training similar to training programmes in universities or colleges.
  • You'll pay fees but may be eligible for a tax-free bursary of up to £30,000. Scholarships are available in some subjects worth up to £30,000.

2. School Direct Training Programme (salaried)

  • This is an employment-based route for high-quality experienced graduates.
  • You will have at least three years' work experience.
  • You are employed directly by one of our schools as an unqualified teacher.
  • You will earn a salary while you train.
  • You don't have to pay tuition fees.


Wokingham Secondary Federation's availability of places for 2018-19

A group of our partner schools in the Wokingham area in Berkshire operate together as the Wokingham Secondary Federation. These schools offer outstanding opportunities in initial teacher training in a wide range of subjects.

The table below shows the School Direct positions available. For the most up-to-date list of availability, please visit the Wokingham Secondary Federation website:

Subject No University Qualification
Art 5 Reading University PGCE
Biology 6 Reading University PGCE


6 Reading University PGCE
Computer Science 4 Reading University PGCE
Design & Technology 3 Reading University PGCE
Drama 6 Reading University PGCE
Salaried English 4 Reading University QTS*
English 7 Reading University PGCE
Geography 7 Oxford University PGCE
History 7 Reading University PGCE
MFL 5 Reading University PGCE
Maths 7 Reading University PGCE
MFL 5 Reading University PGCE
Music 4 Reading University PGCE
Physics 5 Reading University PGCE
PE 3 Reading University PGCE
Religious Education 5 Oxford University PGCE


Salaried English: *PGCE is available, if required, with the costs to be paid by the trainee

If you have queries about School Direct with the Wokingham Secondary Federation, please email

The Wokingham Secondary Federation is fully committed to equal opportunities.

Other partnership schools availability of places for 2018-19

Collingwood College, Camberley, lead a group of partner schools in the Surrey Heath area to offer initial teacher training places through School Direct. They offer great initial teacher training opportunities and their placement requirements are listed below.

Subject No University Qualification
Art 1 Reading University PGCE
Biology 1 Reading University PGCE
Chemistry 2 Reading University PGCE
Computer Science 1 Reading University PGCE
English 2 Reading University PGCE
Geography 1 Reading University PGCE
History 1 Reading University PGCE
Mathematics 1 Reading University PGCE
Modern Languages 2 Reading University PGCE
PE 1 Reading University PGCE
Physics 2 Reading University PGCE

 Please see the Collingwood website for the most up-to-date information:

The schools in the partnership are fully committed to equal opportunities.

WCTSP School Direct – Training to become a teacher in the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership
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WCTSP supports the Conference programme at Wellington College. Wellington is a national and international centre for educational thinking and debate. The innovation found in our curriculum is matched by the inventiveness and variety of our conference programme which addresses the leading educational issues of the day. Conferences are aimed at innovative school leaders, and those who aspire to introduce real change to their institutions.

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