Jim Heal (English Teacher and Behaviour & Discipline SLE) describing the use of Harkness to develop Independent Learning

Courses on Offer: Pastoral


Character Education: Teaching Resilience (EARLY BIRD OFFER)

30 January 2018   (14:30 - 17:00)
6 March 2018   (14:30 - 17:00)
Venue: Wellington College

This course will take teachers through some of the thinking skills that can be used to build resilience, both for teachers and pupils. It will also provide some information on how to understand and manage emotions.

This course draws on the Government's continued focus on 'character and resilience' as is set out in the White Paper 'Educational Excellence Everywhere' (March 2016). This outlined that 'a 21st century education should prepare children for adult life by instilling the character traits and fundamental British values that will help them succeed: being resilient and knowing how to persevere, how to bounce back if faced with failure, and how to collaborate with others at work and in their private lives.' (p.94).


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