Jim Heal (English Teacher and Behaviour & Discipline SLE) describing the use of Harkness to develop Independent Learning

New or Aspiring Heads of Department

Date & Time: Monday 6 November 2017
10:00 - 15:00
Event Type: Full Day
Event Format: Workshop
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: WCTSP School: £120
Non-WCTSP School: £150
(includes lunch & refreshments)
Event Focus Categories: Leadership
Leading in Education
Event Subject or Topic Area: Leadership
Target Audience: New or Aspiring Heads of Department
Event Description:

This is a course for new and aspiring middle leaders in schools. The course will cover topics such as creating  a vision, setting and maintaining high standards, understanding the challenges and opportunities of academic leadership and getting the best out of your team.

For the last part of the course we have a panel of experienced leaders from across the partnership who will answer your questions and discuss the key issues of academic leadership.

This is an elective module available to all leaders participating in the Certificate or Diploma for the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme. This can also be taken as a stand-alone module. Participants will be asked what their particular areas of interest are before the programme and the module will be built around these.

Event Outcomes:

  • to raise awareness of key issues of importance to participants in middle leadership
  • to increase confidence and competence in dealing with the challenges of middle leadership in schools 
  • to provide opportunities to share experience and good practice with colleagues
  • to encourage reflection and critical evaluation of middle leadership practices and professional issues

Course Leader 1: Katy Granville-Chapman (Deputy Head (Teaching Staff Performance and Development))
In her role at Wellington College, Katy has founded an international leadership programme. She has also advised No 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet Office on leadership and character development.

Before Wellington, Katy served in the British Army as a Troop Commander and then trained soldiers and young officers in leadership serving in Iraq, Nepal, the USA and across Europe. Katy’s dissertation for an MSc at Oxford University investigated the development of teacher leadership.

Course Leader 2: Emmie Bidston (Director of Leadership)
Emmie has been involved with leadership and coaching for many years at Wellington College. She is an economics teacher, tutor in a boarding house and cross-country coach. She is also currently working on setting up a charity for developing young African leaders and building a school in Mozambique. Prior to teaching Emmie worked for the British Government, developing policies in a range of areas from education to future contingency planning.
No of Participants: 15
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
Wellington College


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