Jim Heal (English Teacher and Behaviour & Discipline SLE) describing the use of Harkness to develop Independent Learning

zMaths CPD with the Exeter Mathematics Institute and Wellington College

Date & Time: Monday 4 July 2016
09:00 - 17:00

Tuesday 5 July 2016
09:00 - 17:00

Wednesday 6 July 2016
09:00 - 17:00

Thursday 7 July 2016
09:00 - 17:00
Event Type: 4 Full Days
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: Independent Schools: £300
State Schools: £80
If accommodation is required the full course price inclusive of accommodation is:
Independent Schools: £400
State Schools: £180

A booking on the registration site is required by 23rd March 2016 to confirm the number of attendees. This is to enable us to request the correct number of instructors from the Exeter Mathematics Institute, based in the USA.
Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Teaching and Learning
Event Subject or Topic Area: Mathematics
Target Audience: Current or prospective teachers of GCSE and/or A level Maths or similar
Event Description:

The Exeter Mathematics Institute (EMI) is offering this intensive, hands-on, onsite professional development program for secondary school mathematics teachers. Run by Phillips Exeter Academy's mathematics department, EMI has successfully offered CPD for 22 years in school districts around the USA. We are delighted to welcome them as they return for their second UK visit to offer this fresh outlook on the teaching of Maths using the 'Harkness' independent learning style.

The goal of the EMI program is to improve mathematics education for students in middle and high schools in the USA and they would now like to extend this to Secondary Schools in the UK by working directly with teachers from those schools on mathematics content and pedagogy.

EMI's Principles of Quality Mathematics Education:

  • Make the classroom student-centred, rather than teacher-centred.
  • Keep the mathematics interesting, correct, and, when possible, within a real-world, problem-solving context.
  • Use technology, where appropriate, to help solve engaging problems. This technology may include graphing calculators, computers or hands-on manipulatives.
  • Work from specific examples towards seeing generalisations, rather than the reverse
  • Promote cooperative learning through group or partner activities. Make mathematics fun and interesting.

What makes EMI unique among professional development conferences is not only its outreach aspect, but the partnerships that are forged between EMI staff and participating teachers as they develop together the curricula for each individual workshop. Unique, too, is EMI's hands-on, lecture-free format, an approach modelled upon Exeter's own student-centred pedagogy, commonly referred to as the "Harkness method."

State school teachers are able to benefit from a substantially reduced price as a result of generous sponsorship by the alumni of Philips Exeter Academy and of a number of benefactors to Wellington College.

See more at Maths CPD booking page.
Click here for further information on Maths CPD and Harkness at Wellington College.

Event Outcomes:

- Subject Knowledge Enhancement
- New teaching ideas
- Increased familiarity with technology
- Familiarity with a new range of resources
- Exposure to and reflection on the Harkness teaching approach

Course Leader 1: Gwyn Coogan (Director of the Exeter Mathematics Institute)
Gwyn is the director of the Exeter Mathematics Institute. She is a Phillips Exeter Academy graduate of the class of 1983, who went on to earn her Bachelor's degree from Smith College, where she distinguished herself as the top Division III distance runner in the country. Gwyn earned her doctorate in mathematics from the University of Colorado in Boulder where she continued her running success. Gwyn has the rare distinction of being a Ph.D. mathematician and an Olympic 10,000-meter runner who competed in the 1992 Olympic Games as a member of the United States Olympic Team. Not surprisingly, Gwyn is the head coach of the girls’ varsity cross country team at Exeter in addition to her roles as dormitory adviser and mathematics instructor. She was the first Smith Family Instructor of Mathematics from 2007 to 2013, and she received a Brown Award for her teaching in 2011.
No of Participants: 60
SPONSOR/PARTNER Phillips Exeter Academy
Phillips Exeter Academy The Exeter Maths Institute is part of the Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the USA’s top independent schools. In the 1930s, Exeter pioneered “Harkness” teaching, an independent learning style which prevails today and for which the school has become famous. The Philips Exeter Academy runs a number of not-for-profit organisations which are committed to improving opportunities for students in state sector (public) schools across the USA and this is the first time they have ventured across the Atlantic to work with British schools.


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