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zLinear Latin & Greek (A-Level)

Date & Time: Linear Latin and Greek: Set Texts for the New Latin and Greek A-level Syllabus –for first examination June 2018
Wednesday 10 February 2016
11:00 - 16:00
Event Type: Half day
Event Format: Workshop
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: non-WCTSP Schools: £105
WCTSP Schools (20% discount): £84
Event Focus Categories: Curriculum
Teaching and Learning
Event Subject or Topic Area: Latin
Target Audience: AS Latin Teachers, Heads of Department
Event Description:

Set Texts for the New Latin and Greek A-level Syllabus –for first examination June 2018

Event Outcomes:

The course will look at two key aspects of Classics provision for the coming years:

  • The content, context, and concepts behind the texts allocated on the current (Draft) OCR specification for A-level Latin and Greek. Including discussion on the benefits / negatives of contiguous text selection
  • The changes to the A-level syllabuses and how moving back to linear assessment will affect departments. We shall pay particular attention to what reclaiming Lower Sixth teaching time may mean for extension and teaching provision. This will be done in relation to Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History.

Course Leader 1: Dr Rob Cromarty (Head of Department (Classics) and Latin Teacher)
Dr Rob Cromarty has led several ‘Classics Masterclasses’ over the past three years, building on his experience as a teacher, examiner, and Head of Department.
No of Participants: 15
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
Wellington College


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