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zAdvanced Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - June 2017

Date & Time: Monday 12 June 2017
10:00 - 15:00
Event Type: Full Day
Event Format: Workshop
Venue: Wellington College
Event Cost: WCTSP School: £120
Non-WCTSP School: £150
(includes lunch & refreshments)
Event Focus Categories: Leadership
Event Subject or Topic Area: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Target Audience: All levels of Leaders
Event Description:

Event Description:
“Emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership.” Goleman (2011:1).

The course will look at topics such as:

  • What is flourishing and why does it matter to leaders?
  • The neuroscience of flourishing
  • Engagement and motivation
  • Positive relationships
  • Conflict management

100% of past participants rated this course as 'excellent' with comments such as::

It was such a good course! The description of what a flourishing school is, what our values are and the findings of research and comparison with scientific research were the most enjoyable aspects.

A fantastic day. It was excellent to have the time, space and support to think about my current leadership role and improving my leadership.

Katy is just brilliant and inclusive of all.

This is an elective module for all leaders participating in the Certificate or Diploma for the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme. This can also be taken as a stand-alone module.

Further information about the Wellington College Leadership Programme can be found here.

Event Outcomes:

  • Discover your key areas of leadership interest and address these collaboratively throughout the day
  • Learn how you can maximise resilience and motivation in your teams, through emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Practise the skills of emotionally intelligent leadership.
  • Reflect upon your leadership and how it could become more emotionally intelligent

Course Leader 1: Katy Granville-Chapman (Deputy Head (Teaching Staff Performance and Development))
Katy is the Deputy Head (Teaching Staff Performance and Development) at Wellington College. Prior to this she founded and was the Director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. In this role, she advised No 10, the Cabinet Office and the DfE on leadership and character development, as well as setting up and delivering the Government's National Citizen Service (NCS) Leaders programme. Katy is a former Army Officer and served in Iraq, Nepal, North America and across Europe. She is a part time DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford, where she is researching how school leaders can improve the creation of a flourishing environment.

No of Participants: 15
Event Prerequisites: N/A
SPONSOR/PARTNER Wellington College
Wellington College


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