Wellington College Teaching School Partnership

Our Teaching School Partnership offers the opportunity for teachers, senior leaders and educational professionals to share their expertise with others and work as a group to help deliver school improvement. We aim to contribute to the develpment of other leaders and improve the outcome for pupils. As a Teaching School we are looking to provide training and development opportunities for educational professionals by working collaboratively on projects and topics that provide the most impact for our partners and which draw on the strengths of our alliance. 

The three broad areas we cover:

Initial Teacher Training: where partner schools and institutes of education recruit and train new teachers through the School Direct training programme

Professional Development where we look to build an inspiring programme of courses, events and network opportunities which aim to progress educational professionals so that they strive for excellence and help to raise standards for pupils in our schools.Our programme is designed by educationalist in our schools and offers a range of courses spanning subject knowledge enhancement, leadership training, topical, locally targeted events, ideas exchanges and evidence based educational development.

School to School Support to spread excellent practice amongst schools. Here we can offer bespoke and targeted areas of development using some of the expertise from within the partnership including our Specialist Leaders of Education

Our partnership is made up of a number of partner schools, which branch across different sectors and different local authorities, and strategic partners which each help with the delivery of particular aspects of the Teaching School framework. We are very much a collaborative partnership and many of our partners deliver various aspects of the alliance's activity.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership please do contact us.

Strategic Partners
Institute of Education, University of Reading
Institute of Education, London
Wokingham Secondary Federation

WCTSP Member schools 
Blessed Hugh Faringdon School
Bulmershe School
Carwarden House Community School
Collingwood College
Court Moor School
Edgbarrow School
King's International College
Oakbank School
Sandhurst School
St. Crispin's School
Tomlinscote School & 6th Form College
The Emmbrook School
The Forest School
The Holt school
The Piggott School
The Wellington Academy
Waingels College
Wellington College
Winston Churchill School

Our team
 Julian Thomas, Master of Wellington College.

Iain Henderson, Deputy (Educational Development & Partnerships).

Katy Granville-Chapman, Deputy (Professional Development and Performance).

Emmie Bidston, Director of the Wellington College Leadership & Coaching Institute

Carl Hendrick, Head of Learning and Research at Wellington College.

WCTSP School Direct – Training to become a teacher in the Wellington College Teaching School Partnership
Conferences at Wellington

WCTSP supports the Conference programme at Wellington College. Wellington is a national and international centre for educational thinking and debate. The innovation found in our curriculum is matched by the inventiveness and variety of our conference programme which addresses the leading educational issues of the day. Conferences are aimed at innovative school leaders, and those who aspire to introduce real change to their institutions.

The Wellington College Teaching School Partners