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Conferences at Wellington

WCTSP supports the Conference programme at Wellington College. Wellington is a national and international centre for educational thinking and debate. The innovation found in our curriculum is matched by the inventiveness and variety of our conference programme which addresses the leading educational issues of the day. Conferences are aimed at innovative school leaders, and those who aspire to introduce real change to their institutions.


The Wellington College Teaching School Partnership brings schools and strategic partners together in a unique collaboration that is school-led and which focuses upon the needs of educational professionals. Its objective, through cooperation, is to provide a continuum of professional learning opportunities for staff with the desired outcome of improving the educational attainment of pupils in school. The vision is to embed a culture of aspiration, collaboration and excellence, and to empower those working in schools to develop a strong learning culture using a self-improving education system and the sharing of best practice. 

This is achieved using the ‘Big 6’ framework provided by the National College for Teaching and Leadership set out below:

  • lead the development of a school-led ITT (initial teacher training) system, either through School Direct or by securing accreditation as an ITT provider
  • lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (continuing professional development)
  • identify and develop leadership potential (succession planning and talent management)
  • provide support for other schools
  • designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
  • engage in research and development activity

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History - Remembering Srebrenica


Two courageous survivors of the 1990s Bosnian conflict, Resad Trbonja and Nedzad Avdic, last night retold their accounts of the atrocities of the siege of Sarajevo (1992 – 1995) and the genocide in Srebrenica (1995). Their message was clear, that all must be done to promote an understanding of the causes of such events so that we can learn from them and help prevent future atrocities of this nature. This was all set in the context of teaching about modern genocide and identifying the conditions that led to the events of this conflict.

The charity 'Remembering Srebrenica' aims to raise awareness of the events that took place in the Bosnian conflict so that these are remembered, reflected upon and passed on through education and other means. Despite all that the survivors went through, they wish to spread a message of kindness, tolerance and cohesion and to not allow hatred, intolerance and discrimination to persist.

Pupils from our Teaching School and ISSP partners will be attending a further session on Wednesday to hear from the two survivors and examine both the conflict, and the conditions that lead to genocide.

To find out more from the charity, please visit their website Remembering Srebrenica.

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